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Four distinct ecological regions converge in Central Texas, resulting in a spectacular and intricate landscape that is uniquely our own. ESC strives to restore and preserve the remarkable diversity of this landscape. We also help bring its beauty to more people by integrating it with residential, commercial and civic settings.


We are proud to announce the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration (TXSER) will be honoring ESC co- founders, Judy Walther and David Mahler, with the Excellence in Ecological Restoration Award during the upcoming TXSER conference conference.   This award is given to people who have made substantial contributions to restoration ecology in Texas.  These contributions can include ground breaking research, amazing on-the-ground restoration implementation, or outstanding facilitation of others’ restoration efforts.  Recipients are people involved in the science and/or practice of ecological restoration, passionate about the field and willing to share that passion with others.  Judy and David are being recognized as pillars in the restoration community in Texas, having touched many lives with their knowledge, expertise and friendship. 

Upcoming Events:

A Spicewood Ranch Management Workshop will be held Saturday, October 28th, 10 am – noon.  ESC has been conducting active restoration on the ranch since 1988.   We will emphasize management activities and successes as well as discuss our restoration theories and practices.  A species list of plants found on the ranch will be available.  Registration is free but required.  Learn more about the workshop and register here.

Ecologist, David Mahler, will lead a workshop on ESC’s Botanical Garden Stream Restoration Project, Tuesday, October 31st, 10 am – noon.    Registration is free, but required.  Learn more and register here.