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Four distinct ecological regions converge in Central Texas, resulting in a spectacular and intricate landscape that is uniquely our own. ESC strives to restore and preserve the remarkable diversity of this landscape. We also help bring its beauty to more people by integrating it with residential, commercial and civic settings.


ESC Lead Ecologist and Vice President, David Mahler, will lead a Spicewood Ranch Management Field Trip November 19, 2016 9 aM-Noon (Optional: break at noon for lunch, bring your own, followed by further exploration.)  The 1200 acre Spicewood Ranch is approximately 30 miles west of Austin between Spicewood, Texas and the Colorado River. ESC has been conducting active restoration on the ranch since 1988. We will explore areas of management successes in our prairies, live oak woodlands and savannas, cedar breaks, riparian areas, and post oak savannas. Our restoration theories and practices will be discussed with an emphasis on what we have learned about restoration of the grasses in the heavily overgrazed areas and the more difficult tasks of restoring the forbs and woody species depleted by decades of browsing by deer and goats. A species list of 350 species found on the ranch will be available, but the emphasis of this field trip will be the management activities.  Registration for the event is required.  Register here.