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Four distinct ecological regions converge in Central Texas, resulting in a spectacular and intricate landscape that is uniquely our own. Environmental Survey Consulting (ESC) strives to restore and preserve the remarkable diversity of this landscape. We help bring its beauty to more people through ecological restoration, installing and maintaining green infrastructure, land management, native landscaping and education.  ESC applies restoration principles to all aspects of our work in residential, commercial and civic settings.

KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener program will premiere a Zilker Riparian episode that you don’t want to miss. Find out the premiere Dates for Central Texas Gardener’s Zilker Riparian Episode.

ESC’s work has been featured in the Austin American Statesman article, “Hill Country land comes back to life at Spicewood Ranch“.  Read about our award winning restoration efforts lead by David Mahler.  ESC has been restoring the ranch for almost 30 years.  You can also watch a video to learn more about our restoration efforts.

ESC now has 4 Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners.  Ingrid Karklins, David Mahler, Judy Walther and Stan Wilson have received their certification through the Society for Ecological Restoration.