ESC’s consulting services include analyzing a site’s development constraints and opportunities, developing restoration specifications and bid documents, creating park master plans, designing large scale gardens, and other specialized services for projects that can benefit from ecological consideration.

Please contact us with your project details  and upon review of the project, we can provide our qualification documents and examples, and add meaningful, reputable ecological expertise to your project team.

Highlighted Projects

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve, Master Plan Team: As part of the Master Plan Team for Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve, Travis County, Texas, ESC conducted an environmental analysis of the site and developed management recommendations. Our report included baseline data of the park’s geology, soil, drainage, vegetation, existing human impacts, recommendations for park management and development, trail system, entrance and parking location, and preliminary flora and fauna species lists.

LCRA/McKinney Roughts Nature Park, Trail Master Plan and Construction Administration: ESC designed a Master Plan for a trail system for hiking, equestrian, and accessible trails, preliminary determination of parking areas and emergency access as well as interpretive opportunities. Included in the plan was a timeline for development, breakdown of all material, labor costs, and bid specifications. During the bidding and construction phases, ESC assisted in evaluation of bids and supervised construction of the accessible trail.

Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Center, Master Plan: ESC completed a Master Plan for the development of a botanical garden for the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Center in Kingsville, Texas. The Plan included procedures for creating a garden representative of all South Texas habitat types, plant communities to be included, priorities for installation of garden areas, interpretive and educational opportunities and maintenance strategies.

San Antonio Edwards Parklands, Master Plan Team: ESC was a member of the team that developed the Edwards Parklands Use and Management Plan for six specified properties owned by the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department. ESC’s role was to determine habitat types, trail system opportunities, areas for high-use development, management strategies, and educational and interpretive opportunities.

Fort Worth Tandy Hills, Master Plan: ESC was a member of the team that developed the Strategic Master Plan for Tandy Hills/Stratford Park for the Parks and Community Services Department, Fort Worth, Texas. ESC completed baseline data on flora, hydrology, soils, human impact and natural history. We developed goals, methods and budget for natural resource management, trail systems, building and parking location, and interpretive signage and programs.

Barton Creek West Neighborhood Association, Site Assessment of Trail System: ESC assessed and mapped the Greenbelt Trail System for the Barton Creek West Neighborhood Association, Austin, Texas, to determine problem areas, prioritize and develop management strategies. GPS waypoints were taken of all problem areas and downloaded onto a USGS topographic map.

Miscellaneous Projects, Environmental Site Analyses for Endangered Species, Wetland Delineation and Habitat Restoration: ESC has consulted with engineers, developers, and governmental agencies on various topics including site assessment of endangered species, wetland delineation and determination of habitat restoration opportunities.