Urban Riparian Symposium

ESC will be well-represented at this year’s “Urban Riparian Symposium: Balancing the Challenges of Healthy Urban Streams,” being held in Houston, Texas, February 15-17 at Rice University.   Presentations include:

David Mahler — Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida): Why This Native Annual Becomes a Problem in Urban Riparian Corridors.” David will discuss his findings on why giant ragweed is not a problem at the Spicewood Ranch, but is a problem in urban settings.

Stan Wilson — Daylighting a Buried Urban Stream: A Practitioners’ Perspective at Oak Springs. Stan will further tell the story of daylighting a previously buried urban stream in East Austin from the contractor’s perspective as follow-up to the City of Austin Watershed Protection’s presentation on the same project.

Judy Walther — Habitat Creation in a Dynamic Delta Challenges in an Urban Wetland Project.  Judy will talk about a project for The Trail Foundation at the Blunn Creek Delta on Lady Bird Lake. ESC created a native riparian habitat, experimented with techniques to handle exotic species, and developed management strategies.  We  also developed educational materials for local schools.

We hope to see some of you there!

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